Back in November, we learned that a California high school was using an Arab as its mascot: a hook-nosed, keffiyeh-wearing stereotype that seemed like something out of a very out-of-date cartoon. That guy will be gone, as will the halftime belly dancers, but the "Arabs" nickname will remain, for now.

Coachella Valley High School announced Friday that it would dump the mascot that resembles an incredibly low-budget Jafar. Not every instance of the "smelly A-rab" look has been erased from the school yet, though: The Desert Sun reports that the logo is still on the welcome sign, Coachella's school website, and a mural in the gym.

Coachella has worked with the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee to find a solution for the new mascot. The "Arabs" name will be kept, and the high school has submitted new logos for approval by the committee (though a change would also require approval by the school board). The logo here is one of the final possibilities, and it's not as awful as the previous one, though I obviously don't speak for all Arabs.


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H/t to Karim