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Californians Fail To Appreciate Inescapable, Burning Sriracha Odor

Officials of the city of Irwindale—a California town presumably situated in the ominous shadow of a Huy Fong Foods factory that looms all flecked with lightning and emitting constant spooky organ music atop the local hill—have filed suit against the makers of the delicious sriracha chili sauce, for filling their quaint village with the pleasant smell of fresh chilis and garlic, as well as, um, aerosolized capsaicin.

Which you might also know by its more popular name, "pepper spray."


Yeah, turns out, it's not all sriracha showers and sriracha swimming pools and sriracha lazy rivers and free bottles of sriracha when you live next door to a giant hot sauce factory. Sure, you get all those things (probably), but you also get free hot sauce vapors inflaming your mucous membranes all the time, which is not nearly as sweet a deal as you might be thinking. They had to move a birthday party indoors. Attica. (Also their faces hurt whenever they breathe.)

Anyway don't move to Irwindale.

[, h/t James]

Image by Jim Cooke.

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