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Calipari Is Already Out There Recruiting

You know, it's one thing when puppies lick out of water bowls on a football field. That's cute, because they're puppies, and they won't grow up to resent their parents.

But with Baby Madness, well, you're asking for a lifetime of psychiatrist bills.

he brackets are out and James Brown is in the studio ... but the dribbling on this hardwood doesn't involve basketballs. Whether or not you are a hoops fan, Discovery Health's BABY MADNESS is a slam dunk for anyone who enjoys watching babies play and learning about their development. As a celebration of all things baby, BABY MADNESS offers unbeatable entertainment while providing the latest tips on raising a happy, healthy little one.

If you think some of the college freshmen look young on the court, wait until you see our squad — babies age 10 to 30 months — participating in a lively lineup of events including everything from diaper derbies to finger painting.


This is going to be broadcast on the Discovery Health Channel, so now you know whom to boycott. And it's hosted by James Brown, which makes so much sense that we feel bad about not hating him as much as he probably deserved to be hated.

It's Like Puppy Bowl, Except With Babies [Randball]

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