Cameron Family Just Pleased As Punch With Matt Leinart Right Now

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So, it's no longer just small local papers reporting that Matt Leinart's sperm have been even busier than usual lately. It has now been confirmed, by none other than People magazine, and if you can't trust them, you can't trust anyone.

The family of Brynn Cameron, the 20-year-old USC basketball player who will take a year off from the team to have the baby, is doing everything it can to keep a positive spin on matters.

"It might not be the best timing in the world, but we are obviously very happy to have a new baby in the family," Stan Cameron said. "Brynn just found out about a month ago and told the team on Monday." ... "Brynn does not want to get married. She wants to finish school and let Matt do his thing and then figure it out. ... I know Brynn will make a great mom. Things will be fine. It will be fun."


Yes ... it was much better than "Cats" ....

We kid the Camerons; we're sure learning that their lovely, talented and successful 20-year-old daughter had been knocked up by her Hollywood playboy ex-boyfriend who dumped her and ended up dating Paris freaking Hilton while his child grew in their daughter's womb just across town, right before he took off for the NFL millions without a wedding ring was nothing but a 100 percent joyous occasion across the board.

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