Cameron Jordan Ends Panthers' Season, Rubs It In By Sending Wine To Cam Newton

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Saints defensive lineman Cameron Jordan wrapped up a 31-26 win over the Panthers Sunday, dooming a last-gasp Carolina drive by rushing through two blockers and forcing Cam Newton to take a crucial intentional grounding penalty. Jordan kicked ass and talked a lot shit about the man who was supposed to be in charge of blocking him afterwards. It was a fitting end to a season-long divisional rivalry, as Jordan’s Saints won all three games.

The two Cams had chided each other earlier in the season. After the Saints beat the Panthers in Week 3, Jordan mocked Newton’s “grandma hat” and onesie that he wore to Coachella. Newton responded, “I didn’t know he was a fan of my dress code. Obviously he’s been paying attention. Nevertheless, that’s flattering to me. If he sends me his address, I can send him some sauce.” Jordan said after the win that he would in fact be sending the other Cam some sauce, and true to his word, he’s mailing Newton a Jordan-themed Cabernet Sauvignon from an unaffiliated vineyard.


Very sweet of Jordan to overnight the bottle. Newton will definitely get it well before the Saints play the Vikings on Sunday.