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When St. Louis Cardinals fans look back to identify the turning point in the 2007 season, they need go no further than Tuesday night. That's when one brave squirrel dared to make a difference, turning defeat into victory and giving wavering Busch Stadium fans a rallying point for this year, and all years to come. A lone squirrel, looking so small and overmatched in the vastness of a major league outfield, eludes his pursuers and wins the hearts of the crowd in the process. As metaphors for the season go, Cardinals fans can do no better. All hail the Rally Squirrel. From the Gateway Redbirds message board:

Shannon and Rooney kept going on and on and on about a squirrel that was sitting behind Jack Wilson along the left field line and was there for a while, right before Duncan hit the bases loaded double. Later on, they put the critter on the big screen with the words "Rally Squirrel" underneath it, and the crowd cheered it pretty hard, supposedly.


Yes, they did, as we can hear in the video. The squirrel actually had some impressive moves, and showed much better range in left than, say, Barry Bonds. St. Louis went on to beat Pittsburgh that night, 6-2. But the squirrel was nowhere to be found on Wednesday, as the Cardinals lost to the Pirates, 8-2, falling two games behind the front-running Chicago Cubs in the NL Central (Milwaukee is still a half-game back). Cardinals fans, it's up to you to pressure the team to bring back Rally Squirrel for all remaining home games. The fate of the division race hangs in the balance.

Here's the view from another angle as Rally Squirrel makes his heroic dash for freedom.

Rally Squirrel At Busch Stadium [YouTube]
Come Back, Rally Squirrel [View From The Cheap Seats]

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