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Can Pacman Jones Please Pick Up His 7-10 Split In Peace?

With "wrong place, wrong time" becoming less of a clich and more of a way of life, Pacman Jones is in the news again. A knife-wielding man went after Pac in a bowling alley last night, threatening to beat him up and slice a few holes in him. Jeff Fisher is not a suspect.

"Mr. Jones was here just trying to be a normal customer, trying to bowl" with several others, Franklin police detective Stephanie Cisco said, according to The Tennessean newspaper.

Clayton Smith, 33, instigated the confrontation at the Franklin Family Entertainment Center when the dispute broke out, Cisco told the paper. Smith brandished a small pocket knife and "threatened to beat up Mr. Jones and to use the knife on him," Cisco said.


Frankly, I'm amazed that Clayton Smith, 33, is not dead. Whoever was rolling with Pacman last night was not doing their job. Someone should have stabbed that man with a trident.

But yes, Pacman does appear to be completely innocent here (if that can ever truly be the case). Police haven't yet discovered any link between the suspect and Roger Goodell, but if I were them, I'd keep looking.

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