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Canadian Junior-Hockey Players Break Into Teammate's House With Fake Guns And Ski Masks, Get Busted By The Mounties

Players from the Peterborough Petes, an Ontario Hockey League team, thought it would be a good idea to sneak into a teammate's house at night while wearing masks and holding fake guns. You know, just as a harmless prank. They didn't consider what their practical joke might look like to the rest of the neighborhood, though, so it was a surprise when police officers arrived with their guns drawn and ordered everyone out of the house.

No one was charged or arrested, but the officers didn't let the misbehaving team off the hook without some sort of consequences. From the Peterborough Examiner:

The responding officers, however, weren't amused. The Examiner has learned that the players got a strong lecture about safety and officers left without laying any charges.


Thank you, Canada's finest.

Members of Peterborough Petes given lecture by police after prank worries neighbours [Peterborough Examiner]

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