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Canucks Fan Throws Large Salmon Onto Ice To Honor Dead Son

There's nothing more tragic in life than an uncompleted mission. So when Roger Paquette, from Nanaimo, BC, attended Saturday's Leafs/Canucks game with a five-pound Chinook salmon strapped to his body, he was only doing what his son never lived to: throw a fish on the ice in the middle of a hockey game.

Garrett Paquette, a Leafs fan, died in an ATV accident in November before being able to live out his life's dream of flinging a fish. So his father and friends bought tickets for the next time Garrett's favorite team came to town, and honored him in the only way they knew how.

"I think (Garrett) is incredibly proud. Wherever he is, he's looking down on us smiling," said his friend. "It's these little things like this that help us remember him better, a tribute to him and the amazing guy that he was."


The salmon was given a perfume bath and sealed in vacuum wrap to avoid tipping off security, and the fish-tossers/life-honorers quickly changed clothing to blend back into the crowd after the throw. Just how Garrett would have wanted it.

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