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Captain Mike Dixon: Women Arrested For Allegedly "Exposing Their Sexual Organs" On Golf Course

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We are equal opportunity mockers here at Deadspin, so it is only fair that when we make fun of dudes whipping out their penises on a golf course, we do the same for women and their sexual organs. This time, however, it only took a phone call, not a shameful letter to expose the offenders.


On Monday, Alicia Binford and Shelly Lewis, who may or may not have been taking part in a "Naked Golf Tournament" at Woodlands Golf Course (Illinois) were arrested on charges of misdemeanor indecency. They are accused of having bared their breasts on the golf course. Like many golf courses, there is a development of houses appurtenant to Woodlands and someone—not a golfer—was unhappy with the public display.

Police stationed themselves on Wood Station Road and Woodland Hills Drive on the northeastern side of the golf course. Captain Mike Dixon of the Sheriff's Department confirms that "We set up there because that's where they caller had observed them." And sure enough, they did indeed spot two women exposing their breasts in a lewd fashion.


The women are also accused of "jump[ing] around for a few seconds and hug[ging] a few of the guys with their breasts exposed." This may not be just a random fit of nudity, however. Apparently there is a long-running tournament at Woodlands informally referred to as the Naked Golf Tournament—which allegedly includes "three busloads of strippers"—and it is believed these two woman were a part of the fun. Captain Dixon, however, was quick to point out that these two are "not strippers, they're golfers." Woodlands would not comment on the story.

The pair were released on $100 bail each.

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