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Cardinals Cat Is Missing

Photo: Jeff Roberson/AP
Photo: Jeff Roberson/AP

Despite the efforts of two different people, the kitten that invaded Wednesday’s Cardinals game and battled a hapless team employee apparently could not be tamed. It’s on the loose.


After Lucas Hackmann escorted the feisty kitty out of last night’s game, he had to take care of his bite and scratch wounds, so, as he told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, he set it down near the Stan Musial statue to receive first aid once he was outside the stadium. Bad idea!

“I finally get outside – and I wanted nothing to do with this cat at this point. My hand is just covered with blood. It looked pretty rough. So I got out to the Stan Musial statue, and I just set it down right there. I started to walk back in, and the cat was trying to get back in! Me and the ushers were blocking it – at this point, we didn’t think that anyone was going to want the cat. And then some ushers said, ‘Hey, you need to go to First Aid right now.’ And oh, yeah, I forgot – the whole grand slam thing! I forgot there was a whole game still going on.

“It was bases loaded, two outs, Yadi was up – it was a huge situation. And I remember the crowd going wild when I was up there – I was like, yeah, I get it, I got the cat off of the field (laughing) – and then I realized it was bases loaded. What happened? An usher told me. I kind of put two and two together. And was like – oh dang, this has got way bigger than what it was. This is going to blow up.

“So then I went to First Aid, and my phone is going absolutely berserk at this point. I’ve got First Aid people dealing with me, telling me I need to go to the hospital. And I’ve got my boss calling me – ‘What did you do with the cat? Matheny wants it!’ And I said, ‘Oh that’s not good – I set it outside!’


In a separate Post-Dispatch article, a woman named Korie Harris said she saw the cat by itself near the statue after searching for it. She told Cardinals security that she owned the cat and named it Yadi. As she was walking home, however, the cat escaped and couldn’t be found:

The animal jumped out of Harris’ arms into some tall grass somewhere in Citygarden on Market Street, Harris said.

She never saw the cat again.

“I waited for hours but he never came out,” Harris said.

The Cardinals released a statement which didn’t conflict with Hackmann’s or Harris’s stories. The team wants to take care of the cat if someone finds it.

If you see this adorable little beast, tell the Cardinals, or keep it for yourself. Either way, mind your fingers.

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