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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Cardinals Fan Has No Idea He's About To Get Hit With A Flying Bat

You might say this GIF is too long. You would be wrong, and have no understanding of things like delayed gratification and rising action, but you might say something stupid like "this GIF is too long." Do yourself a favor: don't say that, and just watch. It's beautiful.


You'll know the guy who's about to get hit because he is the only person in the entire section who does not react to the flying tree limb headed right for them. He remains unphased, locked in on whatever daydream he is dreaming. His lady friend actually helps deflect the bat (and shares some of the impact) but he still gets hit in the dome and has no idea it's going to happen. Even when she raises her arms next to him, our guy's just hangin' out, staring into space.

Of course he got his mitts on it after, while his lady friend tended to her injury. Hey, look at this bat I caught with my face. Aw, it was nothin'.

h/t John