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Careful Of Those Governmental Typos

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Anyone who reads Deadspin regularly knows that typos happen. Sometimes they happen more often, typically after the night before has been late and the screen is looking blurry. They're annoying, but, you know, they happen. It's one thing for a sports blog to have a typo or two; it's another for a government document to do so.

That's exactly what happened yesterday, though; papers filed by U.S. prosecutors yesterday listed that Barry Bonds has tested positive for steroids in November 2001, which would have been a mere month after the broke the single season home run record. If you're into the whole steroids thing being a big story, well, then that's a big story. Everyone went crazy, and ESPN trotted out Roger Cossack to do that Roger Cossack thing. (Apparently, Roger Cossack is the only guy there who knows how to read government filings.)

And then the news came out, amended: There was a typo. It was supposed to read November 2000, which was news everybody had already. They stuffed Roger Cossack back in his hyperbaric chamber, and everyone went back to their business. But for two hours ... boy! What a story there theoretically was!


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