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Illustration for article titled Carey Price Unleashed The Goalie Fury Upon Kyle Palmieri

Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price snapped in the first period of Thursday’s game and beat the hell out of New Jersey Devils winger Kyle Palmieri.

Seconds before, Palmieri had crossed around Canadiens defenseman Jeff Petry for a chance at a goal, but missed and took out Price as he fell. The goalie lost his cool and used his blocker to bash Palmieri in the head and side as Petry held the Devil down.

When asked after the game about his freakout, Price talked about defending himself.


“I got ran over in the first [Devils] goal, so ... figured I wasn’t gonna take another one,” he said. “I got fired up, I guess. I’m just gonna stick up for myself now.”

Palmieri got two minutes for interference; Price stayed in the game but received a double minor for roughing, which was served by Alexander Radulov.

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