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Carl Hagelin Mindfucked A Goalie For An Easy Evgeni Malkin Score

The Penguins are lighting the lamp on the Senators tonight, and Ottawa back-up goalie Mike Condon can barely figure out what’s going on. For Pittsburgh’s third goal of the game, Carl Hagelin took the puck behind the net and seemed like he was going to take it in the far corner on Condon’s left. Instead, the crafty Swede fired a gorgeous no-look pass to Evgeni Malkin, who somehow knew exactly what his teammate was thinking.

Condon, however, had no clue what was going through Hagelin’s head, because he made a big move to the exact wrong side of the net, leaving a gaping hole for Malkin to backhand it in. It was so embarrassing.


At the very least, to be fair to Condon, a pass that amazing is impossible to predict.

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