Some may argue for Jon Hamm's jawline, Angelina Jolie's lips, or Halle Berry's cheekbones as the world's greatest facial feature but for my money, perfection incarnate is Carlo Ancelotti's left eyebrow. Its curve. Its omnipresence. It's the most interesting to happen on a human face since Cyrano de Bergerac's nose.

The cocked eyebrow itself is the best facial expression. It's the simplest, most effective way to look like a badass. Still, Ancelotti's lifted brow is the exemplar against which all others are judged.

As the man shows us, the look has surprising emotional range, but always with that little twist of cool. Happiness with an eyebrow raised becomes badass happiness. Dismissiveness with an eyebrow raised becomes badass dismissiveness.

It's not only the brow's extreme arch and ever-presence that makes it such an object of wonderment. It's also its furriness and deep black color contrasting with his graying hair. Then there's the trademark Manager Pout that is his brow's perfect complement. Arsène Wenger is often credited with the quintessential Manager Pout but that opinion criminally overlooks Ancelotti's exquisite expression.

At 54, Carlo Ancelotti is by no means an old man. We presumably still have many years to enjoy that fleshy ridge of skin that cranes just above his left eye. But it's too bad that at some point in the future the world will lose the simple joy of watching Ancelotti's face. What's that you say? There's another eyebrow of that ilk out there? At an old club of his no less? Hmm… I'm looking… looking… aha!

Long live the brow.

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