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It's sort of like Tank Johnson using his time on house arrest to do some firearm shopping online, but Carmelo Anthony has taken up boxing as he waits out his 15-game suspension. Carmelo had taken up boxing as a hobby this offseason, and he's picking it back up now that he's got some extra time on his hands.

And I think that's a pretty smart thing to do. It helps keep you in shape, it's fun, it might land you a role in Rocky VII as a more convincing villain than Antonio Tarver... there's no downside. And boxing is easier and less stressful than basketball, because there's no one in the boxing ring as scary or intimidating as Jared Jeffries.

"I'm ready to start some boxing classes," Anthony said. "I did it during the summertime just for my stamina. It really helps with stamina, plus it gets stress out, too, on the punching bag. At least I can hit something I can't get in trouble with."

Yeah, all that running probably is good for the stamina.

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