Casting True Yankees Fans: Wall Street Guys, The Working Man, Hipsters

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A tipster who has access to these sorts of things passed along a casting call today for an AT&T commercial saluting the fine career of Mariano Rivera. (Mo, if you're reading, we apologize for spoiling the surprise.) The memo explains exactly who is a true Yankee fan, by central casting's lights. They wrote, "We are ONLY looking for REAL YANKEE fans."

So who, exactly, are these "REAL YANKEE fans"?

1. Wall Street types, men and women of all ethnicities, who will be on the stock market floor. Ages 25 -40 mainly, but a couple of great faces in their 50's, the guys who are on the stock exchange floor lifers. GREAT faces, confident.. And REAL Yankee fans!!!!

2 - Blue collar workers, again, only Yankee fans - ages 22-65. All ethnicities, great faces of the working man. Guys who look like hard hat guys, and roofers, and building maintenance guys, construction workers, and elevator repair guys, and a/c repairmen types.

Looking for Real Mechanics that work at a garage. We will come to you!!!!

Looking for a little league team age 12-15 preferable ethnically diverse and we will come to you.

We would like to film the Little League team and Mechanics tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday

3 - Street musicians - all sorts of music and peeps, but really cool- from rockers to string bands, to violins, to accordion players, to something really unique.

4 - College students - 18-24, real. Want only Yankee fans. All types and looks. Great faces and all ethnicities. Would love a bunch of real kids who go to Columbia University so please note that if you go to school there.

5 NYC hip scene. Think Williamsburg to Union Square- all sorts of great hip faces.

6 - Great old guy Chess player types. Think Seymour Cassell meets Scatman Crothers


Yep, that's who roots for the Yankees. Stockbrokers, guys who look like a/c repairmen, street musicians, Ivy Leaguers, ethnically diverse little league teams, and "great old guy Chess player types." Go Yankees.

Also, the casting call was formatted like this: