Catholics, Conservatives Call For Brian Kelly's Job; Not Because He Lost, But Because He Cursed

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Here is what we presume was Brian Kelly's internal monologue during Notre Dame's loss on Saturday:

(USF scores.) Shit. Okay. Okay. (USF scores again.) Shit. Shit shit shit. Shit. (USF scores again, and again.) Shiiit. Okay, shit. (Lightning storm.) SHIT! (Second half starts.) Okay. Shit, okay. (Notre Dame scores.) Okay! Okay, okay, okay. (USF scores.) Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit. (Second lighting storm.) SHIT! (Notre Dame comeback.) Okay...okay, okay. (Failed onside kick.) Well, shit.

That's a lot of shits. Kelly's external dialogue was somewhat similar, only with a lot of fucks thrown in. And some people are mad!

I've seen Brian Kelly in interviews and he seems like a decent guy but isn't this type of behavior unfit for any grown-up, never mind the most recognizable face of the country's most well known Catholic university?

I understand football coaches aren't kindergarten teachers. But given the reality of the game and knowing that families are watching, couldn't we curb the f-bombs? You'd think Notre Dame football games are something I could sit down and watch with my kids.


We're generally not up on our Catholic Doctrine. The Deadspin staff is mostly composed of Pelagians, Sethians and one tenuous Arian who's intrigued by the Nicene Creed. So you tell us: Is swearing really that bad, even if it doesn't include any "goddamns?" Or is it one of those minor commandments stuck in the back of Leviticus that no one really cares about? Many more losses like this one, and Kelly won't have to worry about being on camera when he does his cursing.

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