Cats, Dogs, And Other Weird Betting Lines On Tap For The NFL’s Quarantine Draft

Will more than nine people be in one room as with Baker Mayfield back In 2018? How about a cat? There’s plenty to bet on come NFL Draft Day.
Will more than nine people be in one room as with Baker Mayfield back In 2018? How about a cat? There’s plenty to bet on come NFL Draft Day.
Illustration: Eric Barrow (bakermayfield/twitter)

At long last, there is a sporting event to bet on. One with actual, real players and teams we all know.


Sure, it’s only the NFL Draft — and not any game action — but at least it’s something other than Ukrainian table tennis, Belarusian soccer and the Chinese Professional Baseball League — sports that only degenerates would have action on.

Nothing, of course, can supersede the predicament surrounding us. But we’ll gladly take this tiny slab of temporary normalcy, an affair that is going off as planned — sorta — and actually has bearing on an eventual regular season.

The draft’s first-of-its-kind virtual format should provide enough for any gambler’s appetite. Will there be technical difficulties from any team’s feed? Is a draftee going to celebrate his selection by popping champagne? Drinking beer? These are just some of the many unique prop bets being offered by Let’s look at ones maybe worth cinching in on.

Over/Under Number of Dogs in First Round: 3.5

Dogs have been man’s best friend for as long as time. Well, 32 men are about to finally enjoy the fruit of their hard work in the opening round, so it only makes sense that at least some very good boys take part in celebrating with their masters. The likelihood of these four-legged canines getting in on the act only increases with less people on site.

Then there’s everyone else involved. From my understanding, Roger Goodell, who is emceeing and announcing each pick from his basement, owns a dog. Sparky could easily make an appearance for some cheap brownie points in an effort to improve the commissioner’s woeful image. Plus, we’d be remiss not to consider the team personnel and draft analysts slated to take part in the festivities. All of this together figures to add up to four, or more, doggies.

Pick: Over 3.5 (-120)

Over/Under Number of Cats in First Round: 0.5

Really? Only one cat has to stride into the frame for an over victory? It seems the lines-makers are underestimating not just the popularity of these domestic felines, but also their penchant for attention.


Let’s be honest: cats can be selfish assholes. They don’t care what you’re doing and will just show up whenever they want. Some are even practically attached to their owner’s side. Needing just one cat to show itself, the over is a wise bet here.

Pick: Over 0.5 (-120)

Over/Under Highest Number of People in Same Room: 9.5

Basically, you’re betting on the application of social distancing. It’s perfectly understandable for a prospect to want to enjoy this with as many friends and family members as possible, since they’re not getting the authentic draft experience.


But given the current climate, not abiding by the general rule to keep gatherings at less than 10 people could lead to plenty of scorn and shame on social media. Does a rook want that baggage entering their freshman campaign?

Pick: Under 9.5 (+135)

Who Will Be Drafted Third Overall?

Hopefully, Detroit keeps the No. 3 pick, which would make this easier to handicap. It’s possible they do business with a QB-needy team, like the Dolphins or Chargers, that has its eyes set on Tua Tagovailoa, but considering his troubling injury history, I’m not sure anyone would be willing to surrender so much.


I wouldn’t expect the Lions to go with a quarterback themselves, either. Matthew Stafford is still only 32, and before getting hurt last season, he was producing some of his finest work, as evident in the career-best 106.0 passer rating he logged in eight games.

The most sensible pick in this slot is Jeff Okudah, who would be a natural fit to replace the recently-jettisoned Darius Slay. Okudah has the potential to be an elite No. 1 corner for a long time.


Pick: Jeff Okudah (+130)

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Over/Under CeeDee Lamb Draft Position: 13.5👆

This one has actually gone down to 12.5 at many books and there’s ample reasoning for that. Lamb possesses a freakish skill set that just might rank him as the best of what is a very deep wide receiver class.


The beauty here is that Lamb doesn’t have to be the first wide-out off the board. Multiple teams picking before the 14th pick — specifically the Jaguars, Jets, Raiders, 49ers — all have a glaring need for a big-time wideout, and Lamb definitely fits that bill.

As a bonus, the Eagles are “aggressively pursuing” a trade in order to move up and nab the Oklahoma standout. If that plays out, it would definitely require obtaining a pick before the 14th selection.


Pick: Under 13.5 (-150)