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CBS News By Brooks

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This photograph of Sahel Kazemi comes from CBS News' Crimesider blog, which promises "a rare glimpse into the slain football hero's hidden world" but in reality offers nothing but a glimpse into a dead woman's cleavage.

If this is at all relevant to the McNair case, then I'm Sam Spade. It's not just CBS News, though. Dumbassery is at high tide out there. Yesterday, apropos this post and especially this one (that latter is straight-up libel, no chaser), The Sporting Blog's Spencer Hall loosed some awesome righteousness:

Consider the colossal stupidity of this, the Nancy Grace-style inanity of turning a horrid murder and possible (hey, look! qualifiers based on reported evidence! Go figure!) second murder into a guessing game for your own amusement. Those are real people, with names, and addresses, who you just suggested had a hand in murdering someone. Even if turns out they did, suggesting this is wrong in three planes, an ethical, legal, and intellectual face-plant into a steaming dungpile of braindead irresponsibility. I, a whore who writes for money on the internet, am appalled. That's like making a coroner queasy: It's not easy to do, and when done requires something spectacular.

At least Brooks is just speculating wildly and posting pics of a dead girl in a bikini seven times a day. That's merely being exploitative, which is distasteful but stops shy of betting someone is involved in a murder.


To which I can only add that it's ever so nice of CBS News — Cronkite's old mothership, no less — to jump in the dungpile, too, thus demonstrating once and for all that the blogosphere hasn't cornered the market on hairy-palmed prurience.


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