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Cedric Benson Blames Eight-Year NFL Career For Inability To Recite Alphabet

Photo Credit: Tony Dejak/AP

Former NFL player Cedric Benson presented a bit of a problem for the police officers trying to administer a sobriety test before arresting him last week—he said he couldn’t recite the alphabet because of his eight years in the NFL.

When police officers pulled Benson over for speeding, he left his car tried to walk into a nearby convenience store. The officers then tried to give him a field sobriety test, which seemingly went poorly, as Benson claimed that he could not say the alphabet from G through T because he “played eight years in the NFL.”


Local news reporting based on court documents did not make it clear if Benson recited the alphabet from A through F before stopping and picking up again with U through Z, or if he simply told police directly that G through T wasn’t his strong suit. He also told the police that he could only count from one to three. Benson was arrested and later released on bond.


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