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Many eating and drinking establishments will try to capitalize on World Cup Fever by offering specials deals for soccer fans this month, but see if you can pick out what's wrong with this one.

A helpful tipster forwarded us this urgent press release:


Futbol fanatics – listen up! For everyone counting down the days until the start of the World Cup, get your game-watching plans in order by checking out these deals at restaurants throughout New York City. If you have a team loyalty and want to know where to go to hang with fellow cronies, or want to know what spots to avoid, we have the scoop.


United Kingdom fans can meet their fellow supporters at Brick Lane Curry House (306 East 6th Street, 212.979.2900 where the staff will be wearing red UK team jerseys. Beginning June 11th and running through July 11th, Brick Lane Curry House will be airing viewings of the matches, both live and repeats, throughout the day. To calm your nerves during nail biters, the restaurant will be offering British inspired cocktails including Black and Tans, Snake Bites and Irish Car Bombs for $8.


Ohhhh, boy. Well, even though I wouldn't call beer drinks "cocktails" and these are typically made from non-English beverages, I suppose Black and Tans and Irish Car Bombs are technically "British inspired." In that, the real Black and Tans inspired the actual car bombs that Irishmen built to blow the shit out of British people. So, hey ... go Lions!

Of course, these specials come courtesy of an UK-style Indian restaurant, the end result of another great moment in British colonialism. Sure, putting the entire sub-continent under the thumb of a foreign power had some downsides, but at least we eventually got some great takeout from the deal.

(P.S. Here's a brainstorm for your World Cup party: Dunk some lady fingers in French Champagne and call it the Thierry Henry. Just for giggles.)

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