The slingshot-into-the-ringpost spot is a staple of professional wrestling. I associate it mostly with Mr. Perfect, but a ton of people do it. It’s one of those wrestling moves that looks cool but is absolutely completely ridiculous if you think about it too much. Or even just a little! Humans aren’t made of rubber. The man being slung into the post clearly has to jump to make it work.

And sometimes the slingshot spot looks a little lame. When I was a little kid, I flipped when Kerry Von Erich used a slingshot into the post to beat Mr. Perfect at SummerSlam ’90. But when I saw a replay later, it was obvious Perfect’s head came nowhere near the post. He basically tagged the post with his hand. Perfect was great, and so it still worked.

One man who makes sure this ridiculous slingshot spot looks as good as possible is Cesaro. Midway through the Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro and Sheamus tag team title match last night at WWE’s No Mercy, Ambrose reversed a move and lined Cesaro up for the slingshot. And Cesaro, god bless him, flung his entire face into the post.


He did it so hard, of course, that he broke his two front teeth! There was blood everywhere. It was gross. It ruled. Anyway, Rollins and Ambrose won the match.