CFL Lineman Sacks Purse Snatcher On Streets Of Edmonton

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Because we all need to believe in the power of sport again, here's a story involving an athlete that has a happy ending. If reading about a thief get crunched by a professional football player makes you happy, that is.

Yes, the story takes place in the Edmonton, but Canadian criminals are very mean. Kitwana Jones, who played college ball at Hampton and is now a defensive end for the CFL's Eskimos, was driving to a pancake breakfast on Tuesday morning (seriously!) when he spotted an old woman screaming for help and chasing after a man carrying her purse and laptop. Then the thief knocked down an old man who tried to get in his way and Jones sprung into action. He jumped out of his car, took off after the suspect and then leveled him with a blindside tackle.

"It was mad early in the morning. I was upset. For real," Jones said. "I didn't even get a good stretch in or nothing. I had to chase this guy, and I'm mad, and I'm like ‘Why you out here trying to rob old women who are really trying to make an honest living going to work?' And he just laughed."

Jones gave him another arm to the head, and a kick to the side.

HA HA! Justice, Eskimo style! Why couldn't we have a shaky, out-of-focus video of that?


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