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Life is good if you're Southern California quarterback Matt Leinart. Not only are you a defending Heisman Trophy winner, and not only is the entire Los Angeles metro area at your beck and call, but you're also redefining the term "student-athlete:" Leinart is taking just one class this year. And it's ballroom dancing.

"Football is where your mind is, that's all I'm focused on," he said last week. "Obviously, I'm focused on working on my dance moves, but ..."

We hope people will save the outrage here; Leinart is a fifth-year senior who could have graduated last year. We just think it's nice that, unlike, Evander Holyfield, Leinart will be able to learn how to dance without having his brains bashed in for years beforehand.

The Last Waltz [LA Times]

(By the way, we love that picture. We imagine Leinart being like, "Uh, sir, I can give you a minute, if you'd like.)