Chad Ford Puts It On The Line

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Now, we're not casting aspersions here, we're just asking, so don't get mad. But. This whole ordeal with Larry Brown leaving the Pistons and heading to the Cavaliers has everyone's hands in the air, shocked, appalled, stunned. Any goodwill Larry Brown built up is gone; even SI's Gary Smith can't defend him anymore.

But where did this story come from? Two words: Chad Ford. The ESPN NBA insider has the story from "league sources." Now, there are three possibilities:

1. Ford is exactly right and has this incredible scoop. (You know, like with Darko.)
2. A "league source" is messing with him.
3. Brown told a "league source" that he would take the deal, but once he sees all this discord and anger, he'll back off so someone other than his wife will come to his funeral when he dies.


Now. Option 1 still seems the most likely option. Option 2 seems kind of ridiculous, though it would be funny. But what about Option 3? This would be called the "Newsweek" scenario. Ford is essentially writing about something in the future as if it is certain, as if his story itself would have no effect on it. His story could be 100 percent correct ... and still be wrong, if you get what we mean. Larry Brown's potential exit is leading every sports Web site, and it will be all they talk about during Game 4 of the Eastern Conference title tonight. And it's all because of Ford's story. Isn't it possible that Brown changes his mind? What happens to Ford then? Didn't this happen to David Aldridge? Will anyone even remember where the story came from?

Just curious. Just asking. We're just curious about how tall Chad Ford is; for some reason, we imagine him being, like, five-foot-one.


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