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Chad Johnson Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges [UPDATE]

Illustration for article titled Chad Johnson Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges [UPDATE]

The Dolphins' Chad Johnson was arrested tonight on domestic violence charges, according to the Sun-Sentinel.


Johnson and his new wife Evelyn Lozada were major players in last week's premiere episode of HBO's Hard Knocks. (You can view some of those highlights here.) BlackSportsOnline claims Johnson allegedly head-butted his wife while "play-fighting."


We'll update this post as new information comes in.

Update (10:05 p.m.): The Palm Beach Post's Ben Volin says the argument was sparked by a receipt for condoms.

Update 2 (10:13 p.m.): reports it was Chad Johnson who found the condom box receipt in his wife's car.

Update 3 (11:05 p.m.): The Sun-Sentinel says the NFL is wrong, and it was Lozada who found the condom receipt:

Johnson and his wife went to a restaurant for dinner. They returned home and she found a receipt for a box of condoms, Engle said.

An argument ensued, Engle said.

"It gets pretty heated," Engle said. "By the time they get home here in Davie it's pretty heated. She alleges he leaned over and head butted her. He says she leaned towards him and that they butted heads. Needless to say she has a good laceration on her forehead."


Also, several people have noticed that Chad Johnson promised to get himself arrested in last week's Hard Knocks premiere:

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