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Chan Ho Park And Chad Kreuter Are Least Likely Litigants Ever

Pitchers and catchers have a unique bond, unlike any other in sports. That still doesn't make it a good idea to lend a journeyman backstop money.

Chan Ho Park and Chad Kreuter go way back, forming a battery for a couple of seasons in L.A., before the Rangers briefly brought Kreuter in as Park's personal catcher a few years later. But for some reason, the then-retired Kreuter needed $460,000 in 2005, and Park was happy to oblige.

In the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Park says he made the loan because Kreuter "had been a highly compensated Major League Baseball player" and he assured Park that he "would have no difficulty paying [Park] back."


After all, why not? Kreuter made north of $8 million over his career, and in 2006 became the head coach of USC's baseball team, which I'm sure doesn't pay peanuts.

But Kreuter's only paid $290,000 of the loan, and now Park's suing him for the remainder, plus interest. Because a couple hundred thousand dollars is a big deal for someone who's made $100 million in his career. Wait, really? Chan Ho Park has made nine figures? That's the real travesty of justice here.

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