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Chandler Parsons Is Really Sorry About Not Fist Bumping That Bro

Chandler Parsons had a huge game last night, scoring 27 points, grabbing 10 rebounds, and dishing eight assists while leading his team to a 105-103 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Right after the game ended, one Rockets fan tried to express his appreciation for Parsons by offering the forward a fist bump. That poor fan was left hanging, as you can see in the sad video above.

But Chandler Parsons is a good dude, and he wants everyone to know that he meant no disrespect when he left that fan's un-dapped fist to hang in shame.


We sincerely hope that the Rockets are able to force a Game 6, and that Parsons can follow through on his promise. There really is nothing in the world that is sadder than unrequited dap.

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