$10 for a tiny, pocketable charger is a great deal, and $15 for a 10,000mAh behemoth is even better. It might be worth grabbing both, since they would each be more useful in different situations. [iEnjoy 2600mAh Charger, $10 / Breett 10,000mAh Charger, $15]

A must-own for any home improvement project, this wristband sold out very quickly the last time we featured it. [MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband, $6]

Update: Seems to be sold out at $6 for now, but keep checking back.

If you like to tinker in the garage, Rhino Ramps are just about the easiest way to get your car off the ground. Kmart has a pair for $10 off today. [Rhino ramps (Pair), $35]

$35 for a motion-sensing auto-opening trash can is pretty much unheard of. You might not be familiar with the brand, but user reviews are solid. [Nine Stars Sens0r-Activated Trash Can, $35]

It won't tie into established fitness tracking apps like Fitbit's Aria scale, but it will save your weight data to a proprietary app so you can track it over time. Excellent deal for the price. [Smartphone Connected Body Scale, $27]

The Panasonic Arc4 is a seriously good electric shaver, and right now you can save $40 by clipping the digital coupon. [Panasonic Arc4 Shaver, $91 After $40 Coupon]

Cast iron offers easily the best bang for your buck in kitchenware, and this starter kit is marked down to only $65. If you take good care of them, Lodge pans should last forever, and generally improve with age and occasional seasoning. [Lodge Cast Iron Set, $65]

Make your own crazy dashcam videos with this 1080p model from Timetec. It's listed at $300, but once you get to the final checkout screen, you'll see a $100 discount. [Timetec 1080p Dashcam, $200 (Discount Shown at Checkout)]

Create your own Wi-Fi on the spot for $20 flat. [TP-Link Pocket Router, $20]






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