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Late in the fourth quarter during Saturday’s game between the Seahawks and Chargers, Chris Peace, an undrafted free agent from Virginia, got Los Angeles’ lone sack of the game against Seattle. It was a clutch defensive play, given that it forced a fourth down, and put the Chargers in a position to potentially tie the game, but it wasn’t exactly something your average football watcher hasn’t seen before. Yet, when Peace got the hit, the game’s play-by-play guy, Spero Dedes, used a quite novel phrase to add emphasis to what had just happened.

The emphatic “HE. IS. DICKED!” is good on its own, but what really sells this moment is the few seconds of silence, where I imagine Dedes’s color commentator is giving him a wide-eyed stare after realizing what was just said on national television.


Hopefully, Dedes will be allowed to use this as his signature catchphrase during this upcoming season.

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