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From KUSI in San Diego, via the Chargers page at the NFL Fanhouse, comes the news that Chargers linebacker Steve Foley was shot multiple times by an off-duty police officer.

It happened around 3:30 Sunday morning..when an off duty Coronado police officer started following a man who was driving erratically. Police say the driver is Chargers linebacker Steve Foley.

The officer identified himself several times as a police officer, but Foley would not pull over. Foley then drove to his own neighborhood in Poway where he got out of the car and his girlfriend got behind the wheel. Police say Foley came at the officer who fired a warning shot. The woman then drove the car at the officer. The officer fired into the car, then shot Foley. But police say Foley kept coming, and the off duty officer shot him several more times.



Foley underwent surgery at Sharp Hospital, and his condition is unkown at this time, though the wounds aren't thought to be life-threatening. He took shots in the hand, stomach, and leg.


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