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Chargers Twerk Girl Is Now Free Agent Twerk Girl

NBC San Diego

The San Diego Chargers are no more. The team plays its first game since 1960 as the Los Angeles Chargers tonight, and they will be down at least one fan when they step onto the field in Denver: Chargers Twerk Girl.

That news comes to us via a delightful, maniacal report on KSND-TV, San Diego’s NBC affiliate. Sports reporter Todd Strain introduces us to Bre Priest, who explains her origin story thus:

“When I thought about what I could do to bring more team spirit to the Chargers, I thought, ‘Hey, twerking, and Chargers, and the San Diego Superchargers song — let’s just put these together, and see what happens.’”


Not since Alexander Fleming introduced fungus to bacteria has a combination so impacted the world. Priest said her #TwerkSundays videos gained “a following,” inspiring fan support even if the team stunk (5-11 last year, 4-12 the year before). But then the Chargers bolted for L.A. As Strain puts it: “You see her twerkin’s not workin’ if the Chargers aren’t in San Diego.”

NBC San Diego

And so Strain then tells us Chargers Twerk Girl is searching for a new team, and she’s made a video about it. But the real kicker is the moving finale where a lonely Priest twerks on an empty San Diego stadium as emotional music plays.

This is as deep of a moment as any on television this year, including David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: The Return; I have to imagine the original cut for the segment ends with Strain asking, “What year is this?” and Chargers Twerk Girl screaming the lights out at the old Jack Murphy Stadium. Then again, Todd Strain sounds more like Gordon Cole than Dale Cooper.


Our saga does not end here. In the text version of the story, which differs slightly from the video report, we learn that Priest’s parents are totally cool with her twerking ways:

Some people may criticize Priest’s twerking for being too provocative or risqué, but she insists this all comes from a good place. Priest started dancing with family and friends at pregame Charger tailgate parties, then it grew from there.

“My parents are actually really proud of me for voicing my opinions and taking a stance, they actually posted my video on their Facebook page and are proud of their daughter.”


There you have it, trolls: This twerking comes from a good place. I wish Twerk Girl luck in free agency.

H/t to Joe

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