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Can't say we saw this one coming.

Not three months ago, gender-bending basketball analyst Charles Barkley was slammed for calling his Weight Watchers endorsement a "scam" on basic cable television. Now, it appears Barkley is going all out with the next phase of his deal.


In a new television spot airing April 8, Barkley will apparently grace us with this generation's Namath-in-poneyhose moment. Without a doubt, if you were running low on nightmare fuel, you're only 11 days from a fresh tank.

And yes, it's true that Barkley did already dress as Alicia Keys for a 2010 SNL appearance (see below), so perhaps we should've seen this coming after all.

Still, if it's all the same, we'd rather he kept with the dead-on Shaquille O'Neal impersonations.


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