Charles Barkley Is Still Convinced Charles Barkley Is Doing Just Fine

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Seattle PI columnist Jim Moore had a few minutes of conversation with Charles Barkley, who's promoting the American Century Championship golf tournament he headlines ever year.

Besides golf, Moore asked Chuck about if he's straight-and-narrowed since the DUI arrest and the enormous gambling debts. Not surprisingly, Barkley was candid, gregarious and charming about both of those incidents and decided that he enjoys his life too much to make any drastic changes at this time.


On if he misses gambling:

"Actually the only time I miss it is during the football season, not calling my bookie every Saturday and Sunday. But as far as the casino goes, I haven't missed it. And I'm going to start gambling again whenever I get ready, to be honest with you. I like to gamble. When I'm ready to go back to gambling, I will."


On if his nightlife habits have changed since the DUI:

"Not at all, man. I like to drink, I've just got to be careful when it comes to drinking and driving. It was a great thing (to get caught) because. I've been in the NBA since 1984. So let's just say (you're) going out to dinner or going out with your friends probably 100 times, 200 times a year; I've had something to drink and driven. So to never hurt myself or anybody and never get a DUI, I was lucky and fortunate. This thing just (told) me, you know what, that's stupid of you to drink and drive. And you can't do that again."

Nothing about the bj, though. But Moore says he should have asked Barkley, "What did you say to your wife and daughter?" after he was arrested. Yeah, good luck with that.

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