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Charles Barkley Tips Exactly 20 Percent

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The full, horrifying truth is only now surfacing in the Charles Barkley DUI saga. Turns out that Charles was transporting wine coolers and a box of delicious bear claws on that fateful night, plus one very nerdy passenger: Steve Urkel.

Actually it's unclear as to whether Jaleel White — Urkel from television's Family Matters — was actually in the car. But several tipsters had him partying with Barkley and Michael Strahan in a private booth at The Dirty Pretty Rock Bar in Scottsdale on Wednesday night. New Year's Eve, Urkel, and a box of bear claws ... suddenly I feel much better about my plans that evening.


The Dirty got a hold of Barkley's bar receipt (I'm sure by asking the waitress politely), and it reveals an $1,800 tab for six bottles of, well, whatever they were drinking. Plus a pretty bare-minimum tip. The photo above, of Barkley pounding Patron, is from Harrah's Lake Tahoe this past July. The difference then being that he was staying at Harrah's, and his bodyguard could just pour him into the elevator at the end of the night.

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