Charles Barkley To Dan Patrick: "I Hate Skip Bayless More Than Any Person In The World"

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Charles Barkley, the man who makes a living off of speaking truth to the power of sports figures and commentators that we all kind of hate, is on record as saying that ESPN's Skip Bayless is "one of the two people [he'd] like to kill." But since murder is kind of bad for one's public image, Chuck just resorts to talking shit about Bayless as much as he can.


Barkley was on the Dan Patrick Show this morning to talk about the NBA season, and he found time—right before the break, when he knew Patrick couldn't really respond—to thank him for presenting a morning alternative to Bayless, the angriest white man in America:

Hey Dan, I been watching your show. You're doin' a good job, bro. And I wanna tell you the best thing you ever did. You know, 'cause I hate Skip Bayless more than any person in the world? Thank you for giving me an alternative so I don't have to watch Skip Bayless in the morning. I will always be indebted to you so that I don't have to watch that asshole, Skip Bayless.


And we to you, Chuck, for calling out that asshole, Skip Bayless. And for the record:

People Charles Barkley Would Like To Kill:
1. Skip Bayless (Tie)

People Charles Barkley Hates More Than Anyone In The World:
1. Skip Bayless

H/T DPS producer @PaulPabst.