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The Bitch-Slapping Of Skip Bayless

Considering that Charles Barkley has openly said that ESPN talking head doofus Skip Bayless is "evil" and "one of the two people [he'd] like to kill," it's not that surprising that Bayless would have plenty of enemies in the world of sport. (A number that pales, of course, to the number of enemies he has in the world of "people with a television.")

Bayless details some of his big ones on Page 2 today. Highlights include almost getting impaled by White Sox outfielder Frank Thomas — Bayless confesses using a "word he only uses when [he loses] his temper," which we're guessing is "Makeup!" — being spit on by technology expert Tommy Lasorda and being bitch-slapped by Cowboys lineman Mark Tuinei. We will almost always side with journalists when intimidated by larger men angry about their stories. But with Bayless, we might make an exception.

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