Charlie Davies Attempts To Save His Failed Goal Celebration By Doing "The Bernie"

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Since he returned to professional soccer in late March, Charlie Davies appears to be having a great time. The 24-year-old has scored four goals in three games for D.C. United, which has him on loan from the French club FC Sochaux; the latest tally was this late-game penalty kick against the Galaxy on Saturday. The game ended in a 1-1 draw soon after Davies jumped the fence to pull on a locked VW car door, throw his hands up in childlike, what-the-hell-do-I-do-now glee, and then — maybe because the Dougie is very much taken in this town — drop his arms back and bust out the Bernie. If you're not yet acquainted with the Bernie, you're missing out on a crucial cornerstone of current American culture, so please do your research.

We hope Davies keeps playing like this, and that the United fans keep responding like this, because together they're doing the impossible task of making the MLS seem kinda fun.


Video via here and here.

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