Photo via Carlos Osorio/AP.

There was a funny little moment before Dallas’ dramatic Game 2 victory over Oklahoma City, when Mavericks reserve Charlie Villanueva interrupted the pre-game dance routine of Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne. After the last-second loss, Kevin Durant called Villanueva’s move “fake shit,” and Russell Westbrook said it was for, “the guys that don’t play.”

Yesterday, while driving around somewhere, Villanueva responded:

This isn’t CHARLIE VILLANUEVA MURDERSLAYS RUSSELL WESTBROOK or anything, but he gets in a couple of nice jabs. He makes fun of Payne, who DNP’d the game just like Villanueva. But the best burn is actually an underhanded one, when he says that Kevin Durant—a genuinely nice guy who leveraged that reputation to try and re-brand as Not Nice—is too nice to be involved in the beef: “Kevin Durant added his two cent, but Kevin is a good kid so I’m just going to leave him alone.”