Fourth-round U.S. Open loser John Isner says the No. 1 female tennis player in the world couldn't beat the 700 or 800th best man. You've come a long way, baby.

John wasn't born yet, so maybe no one told him, but the Battle of the Sexes was decided over 35 years ago and dudes lost. Hard. They even let ladies be doctors now! But if you want to dig up this old chestnut again, why not? I, for one, would certainly like to see John Isner (current ranking: 55) take on Serena Williams. And then Venus Williams. And then Richard Williams. And then they can release a two-disc DVD of Steffi Graff browbeating Andre Agassi because he forgot to put the toilet seat down.

The '70s were so much fun, I wish we could relive them over and over and over again....

Tennis Player John Isner: I Think The 700 or 800th Ranked Male Would Beat the Number One Ranked Female [SRI]