Check out some of the excerpts from Deshaun Watson’s deposition

The footage combined with the things Watson said are... 'interesting'

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Deshaun Watson
Deshaun Watson
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Earlier this week, TMZ posted a story with video footage from FOX 8 in Cleveland that featured excerpts from two of Deshaun Watson’s depositions in multiple civil lawsuits filed against him for sexual assault and inappropriate conduct by more than 20 women No matter how you feel about the Browns’ new quarterback, this is one of those things you should see for yourself.

The folks in Ohio have a lot of questions when it comes to Watson, given that the Browns traded their 2022, 2023, and 2024 first-round picks, as well as two more, to Houston for him. They also signed Watson to a five-year year deal worth $230 million guaranteed, the biggest guaranteed deal in league history. The Browns did all of this after supposedly doing “extensive research” on his situation, which includes the 22 civil cases against him that are still pending. Or, did they? A back-and-forth between ESPN’s Jake Trotter and Browns GM Andrew Berry makes you think otherwise.


In the deposition video, Watson was asked if he found one of the massage therapists attractive.


“That wasn’t my intention, sir. I can’t answer that. I have a girlfriend. So, that wasn’t my intention.”

Relationships make you blind, I guess.

Then came a question about why he drove approximately 30 minutes out of town to receive a massage at a woman’s mother’s house, where he brought his own towel. He was also asked if he knew if the masseuse had been licensed, trained, or schooled.

“I’m not sure, sir,” he answered to all three questions.

It seems as if anybody can rub Watson down. Certifications aren’t necessary.

The man asking the questions in the video then said, “Pretty risky to go someplace you’ve never been before to have somebody you didn’t really know. Didn’t know anything about their skill level, give you a massage.”


And finally, there was a question about why Watson posted something on Instagram that suggested he was in New York City when he was actually in Houston getting a massage.

“Under the advice of my lawyer, I assert my rights under the Fifth Amendment.”

This is who multiple teams were in a bidding war over, and who the Cleveland Browns gave a historic contract to. This is Roger Goodell’s NFL.