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For some reason, fans decide to film their reactions and the reactions of those around them in potentially thrilling and decisive sports moments. This is maybe not the best way to be a fan, but it does provide us with a great treasure trove of fans ripping their jerseys off and getting consoled by their dogs. That Kris Jenkins buzzer-beater was crazy as hell, so, accordingly, the fan videos are pretty good.

This sweatpants dad is my favorite:


This dude filmed it in a damn aquarium or some such, before taking it to the streets (of, apparently, Philly):

These lads even broke out in song:

Holy fuckin’ shit indeed, my man:

From Nova’s arena:


Here’s another angle from inside the Pavilion:

And of course, the agony to Nova fans’ ectasy.


If this doesn’t get you pumped for the start of Browns football, nothing will.