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It's time to play Florida or....Florida. Nicole Zivich was relieved from her position as coach of the varsity cheerleading squad at Estero High on November 21st. She said no reason was given for the decision. She does have a theory, though.

While there is nothing in her file with the school to suggest any wrongdoing, and school officials refused to comment, Zivich believes that her dismissal was as a result of repeated complaints of one of her cheerleader's parents. "'I think it's personal. I think she doesn't like me,' said Zivich, who would not reveal the parent's name. 'She has called me (a) noneducated Hooters girl with no common sense of safety.' Zivich said the parent did not approve of how the cheerleaders did stunts without mats and of a car wash fundraiser where some of the girls wore bikini tops."


Zivich was quick to point out that the mats were not required until the district changed the requirements last month and that during the car wash, "Every girl had shorts on. It was optional to wear a bathing suit top. I have girls that wore T-shirts."

Things aren't all bad for Zivich, though. Not only did a number of the cheerleaders ask for her to be reinstated at a recent board meeting, but she is a certified surgical technologist. So, as long as she doesn't run in to Steve Harvey, she should land on her feet.

h/t to, I swear to god, Robert L. Nipps

Cheerleading coach Nicole Zivich says she was fired because of Hooters Job []

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