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Illustration for article titled Chelsea Embraces The Prawn Sandwich Brigade

This isn't just an advertisement for the most succulent amuse-bouche you've ever seen. It's also Chelsea being more self-aware than we though possible.


It's not a good thing to enjoy prawn sandwiches at games. Roy Keane's famous quote about more Man U fans being there for the amenities than the game action immediately took on a life of its own, and prawn sandwich brigade became shorthand for the English equivalent of our luxury suitegoers.

So it's as refreshing as it is disheartening to see Chelsea co-opt the term, realizing, hey, we've got an evil Russian billionaire owner, we spend more than just about any other club, and maybe some of our high-roller fans really are just here for the experience.

The URL in the ad redirects to the corporate hospitality page, so this is 100 percent real. Shake your head if you want, but I guarantee they serve up a larger and fresher prawn than Fulham does.

[Tumblr, via Copyranter]

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