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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Chelsea Fan Loses Job After Calling Liverpool Fans "Scouse Scum" In Online Interview

Looks like José Mourinho isn’t the only Chelsea fan who’s lost it on camera this season. One Blues fan and former partner at an international law firm had to pay for this man-on-the-street interview, where he rails against “Scouse scum” Liverpool fans for rooting against Mourinho, with his job.


Clive O’Connell is the fan in question. When he wasn’t shouting in anger about Chelsea’s poor season on web shows, he was a partner at Goldberg Segalla. Lest you think the rant you see above isn’t enough to get a man fired, especially in a sporting culture like England’s where insults and even violence are routine aspects of the soccer-going experience, he also reportedly penned a blog attacking Liverpool fans as well.

The strange blog, which has since been deleted, at times referred to the city of Liverpool as inbred and criticized the fashion choices of its citizens by comparing the typical look their to Jimmy Savile’s, the former beloved radio host who after his death was alleged to have committed a staggering amount of sexual abuse. Not too flattering, to say the least.


Goldberg Segalla released a video of their own denouncing O’Connell’s words and announcing his firing. This has been another edition of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.”

[Liverpool Echo]

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