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Chesnning: Who's Captain, And Who's Tennille?

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We totally should have known about this, but we give a firm salute to The Mighty MJD regardless for digging it up: Apparently, Peyton Manning and Kenny Chesney — "Chesnning," as we prefer to call 'em 'round these parts — have actually written a song together. Again, we can't believe we didn't know this.


As MJD points out, the song's lyrics are rather unusual for a song written by two heterosexual males. But maybe we're looking for things that aren't there again. Take a look for yourself:

Well, I've been drawing little hearts in the morning paper Lookin' for a house an' a couple of acres You'll be mine some time, sooner or later and I can't wait.

Like a busy ol' bee savin' up it's honey
Honey I'm savin' up all my money
To have you I'll do anything I have to,
Whatever it takes.

Gawd, what we wouldn't give to be in on one of their brainstorming sessions. Actually, check that ...

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