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Chicago Artist's Shrine To Derrick Rose Is The Saddest

It's a common human response to erect shrines and murals in public spaces commemorating fallen heroes. One Chicago artist felt particularly moved by Derrick Rose's umpteenth injury to create one in his memory, replete with the point guard's visage wearing a crown of thorns, crutches and knee pads laid about to signify his pain, and commiserating tweets from his colleagues.

The picture above comes from Eddy Rivera on Twitter, who says the shrine is located under the Fullerton underpass in the Bucktown area of Chicago. Here are some more photos showing the little details, sent to us by Micah Uetricht, an editor at In These Times magazine:


As the tipster points out, this shrine is located near another one made for the Virgin Mary.

What the Rose one has that most other shrines don't is the presence of hope. Rose may have again fallen, but Chicagoans have not yet given up on the thought of him returning to his former greatness. Have faith, Bulls fans, the shrine seems to say. Rose will arise. And when he does, oh what a happy day it will be.


h/t Eddy and Micah

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