Chicago Fan Steals Player's Helmet, Appears Very, Very Drunk

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Loyal subjects of Chicago, your new king and queen have been crowned. And they are likely still bombed this morning.

In the third period of last night's game against the Jets, Winnipeg's Adam Pardy was checked through the glass and into the first row. As a scuffle developed behind him, one fan who looked like he'd had more than a few $10 United Center beers reached down, yanked off Pardy's helmet, and put it on his own head. The woman next to him proceeded to dump her own beer on Pardy.


Via Cam Charron, your commemorative Instagram to relive the moment over and over again:


The fan was escorted out of the section (and presumably the arena) and Pardy's helmet was later returned. Speaking to reporters after the game, a 4-1 Blackhawks win, Pardy said he didn't realize in the heat of the moment what had happened to his helmet (or his stick, which also disappeared). But he knew about the beer shower.

"I don't know if you can still smell it my clothes," Pardy said. "But the bench was definitely smelling a little booze there for the last six minutes."